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Thomo cockfighting, a unique and attractive form of cockfighting entertainment, is currently attracting the attention of many TAPWIN bettors. Thomo cockfighting is not simply an ordinary gambling game, but also a unique and attractive entertainment experience for TAPWIN brothers to experience.

A few things about popular Thomo cockfighting today?

A few things about popular Thomo cockfighting today?

Thomo cockfighting has long been known as a popular form of entertainment and cockfighting betting in the border area between Vietnam and Cambodia. Thomo is not only a place in Cambodia, but also the name of a famous border gate that attracts many Vietnamese people there to participate in betting and gambling activities.

With the development and scale of Thomo, cockfighting arenas were built with a structure similar to a miniature stadium. There are stands where players and customers can sit and watch the match and participate in betting activities. In addition, in the Thomo area, there is also a canteen serving food, entertainment, and relaxation for players.

Thomo cockfighting is organized and operated methodically, ensuring professionalism and safety for participants. Cockfighting betting activities are licensed and properly certified, ensuring fairness and transparency in the betting process.

Why is Thomo cockfighting so attractive to TAPWIN players today?

Why is Thomo cockfighting so attractive to TAPWIN players today?
  • The online form of Thomo cockfighting at bookmaker TAPWIN has attracted the attention of many new players for many reasons.
  • First of all, Tho mo cockfighting is publicly organized and has investments from large casinos, such as TAPWIN and Cambodian bookmakers, creating a professional, safe, and transparent cockfighting environment. The fighting cocks are carefully selected based on their health, physical condition, and combat achievements.
  • The rules of Tho Mo cockfighting are similar to cockfighting in Vietnam, with the clear rule that any chicken that runs away or dies in the ring will be considered a loser. However, the form of Tho mo cockfighting is usually iron spurs and knife spurs, with shorter competition times and higher competitiveness. Before going into battle, each cock will be fitted with a fake spur, capable of causing serious injury to the opponent. This creates tense, dramatic matches, and the match time is usually only 2-5 minutes.
  • Online Tho mo cockfighting provides convenience for players, no need to travel to live cockfighting arenas. Players can participate via the internet, saving time and costs of travel, meals, tickets, and betting.
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Thomo cockfighting rules are good

When participating in Tho Mo cockfighting betting, in addition to choosing a reputable and quality bookmaker, players need to clearly understand the rules and regulations to know when they win or lose. Although the system is usually programmed to be fair and reward the winner, understanding the rules of the game is also an important factor.

Chickens participating in Tho mo cockfighting competitions are often selected from famous and professional cockfighters, ensuring safety and transparency in the match. The cocks will be weighed for review and numbered according to regulations.

After that, the system will update the figures and randomly select two numbers to fight against each other. If one of the two cockers does not participate in the competition, the remaining cock will fight with the joker cock – the cock prepared in advance by the house. In case the two chickens have a difference in weight, competing with the joker will be considered and the cocker must agree.

Before the match starts, players will have time to place bets. The fighting cock will be considered a loser if it dies, runs away, or no longer has enough strength to continue fighting. A fight can end in a draw if both cocks do not fight, although this happens very rarely.

How to determine the winner or loser in Thomo cockfighting?

How to determine the winner or loser in Thomo cockfighting?
  • In Thomo cockfighting, to determine victory or defeat, there are important criteria that need to be clearly understood:
  • The cock is unable to fight: If within a few minutes, the cock falls and cannot continue to fight, it will be considered a loser.
  • Not competing in a round: Within 15 minutes, if the cock does not kick, jump or bite the opponent, it will be considered a loss. Even if the rooster only participates in the match without competing, it will be considered a loser.
  • Do not run away: During the competition, if the cock runs away or dies, it will be considered a loss. The match is considered a draw when the rooster handicaps within 2 pools (1 pool equals 5 minutes), or when both cocks stand still and do not compete within 9 pools (5 minutes each).


Knowledge related to Thomo cockfighting through bookmaker TAPWIN is considered a type of entertainment that brings not only joy and excitement when watching exciting cockfighting matches but also the opportunity for you to try your luck. luck and profit. TAPWIN bettors should join Thomo cockfighting right away to experience exciting and exciting entertainment moments!

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