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What are golden gloves that make so many people so curious? Who will this award be given to in the squad of 11 players during the competition? Which goalkeeper holds the record for the number of times he has won the Golden Glove title? TAPWIN will reveal that in more detail through the content of the following article.

What are golden gloves?

What are golden gloves?

The Golden Glove is a noble title in the sport reserved for the best goalkeeper. The English name of this award is Golden Glove. In matches and tournaments, they have shown their performance and skills to block dangerous shots from opponents. Especially the ability to judge situations and react quickly to block the ball from leaving the goal.

From there, it helps the home team avoid losing goals in matches. This is also what helps the teammates playing above feel more secure. According to research, people who win golden gloves mostly have the most clean sheets in tournaments. So surely here the question of what golden gloves are has been answered to help you understand.

Current football tournaments, at the end of the season, award titles to the goalkeeper with the best performance. The name of this award is Golden Glove or Best Goalkeeper. According to research, since 1994, the award was awarded for the first time at the FIFA World Cup. The first person to win this noble title was Michel Preud’homme, a Belgian goalkeeper.

What do golden gloves mean?

As mentioned, the Golden Glove Award will be given to the person standing in the wooden goal of each team. Although it doesn’t get as much attention or honor as the Golden Ball or Golden Shoe, it is something every goalkeeper wants to win. That is the spiritual encouragement and recognition of the keeper’s efforts.

With the Golden Glove title, the goalkeeper will prove his ability after a process of diligent training and competition. They are the ones who played their best, working hard in matches to block ten goals from their opponents. The ability to judge, read situations, and react will be promoted at the right time.

Not only that, the award is also a recognition and reminder to everyone about the importance of each team’s goalkeeper. Currently, the football world is very developed, so Golden Glove winners are also selected through more stringent criteria.

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Golden Glove awards in several major tournaments

Golden Glove awards in several major tournaments

Not only will you learn what the golden gloves are, but you will also get a glimpse of this title in some major tournaments. Other information will be sent to you when registering for a house account.

Premier League

The Premier League is known as the most attractive tournament on the planet with high television copyright value. Every match held here attracts a large number of fans around the world to watch. Since the 2004 – 2005 season, the Golden Glove title has been awarded to the guard who has achieved the best performance. Until now, the award is still the desire of goalkeepers who want to prove their talent.

World Cup – what are golden gloves?

The biggest football festival on the planet also awards the Golden Glove title to the best goalkeeper. At the 1994 World Cup, this award was named best goalkeeper for Lev Yashin. Since 2010, the tournament has decided to change its name to the Golden Gloves Award.

EFL tournament

The EFL Golden Gloves are calculated based on results in League One, Championship, EFL Trophy, FA Cup, and League Two. The award is awarded by the English Football Association. The 2006 – 2007 season was the first time this title was awarded under the sponsorship of the Puma fashion company.

Who holds the record of winning the Golden Gloves 3 times at the same time?

Who holds the record of winning the Golden Gloves 3 times at the same time?

What are golden gloves? Who holds the record for winning the Golden Gloves at the same time? According to research, goalkeeper Alisson Becker is the first person to achieve this. The Brazilian goalkeeper did this in 2018 when he conquered titles in 3 arenas: Copa America, Premier League, and Champions League. Keeping clean sheets is the factor that helps the goalkeeper win this award.

At Copa America, Liverpool’s goalkeeper kept the net throughout the tournament. Meanwhile, in the Premier League, this goalkeeper also kept 21 clean sheets throughout the season. Finally, in the Champions League, he also had 6 matches without having to go into the net to pick up the ball.


Wondering what golden gloves are and related contents have been revealed through the above article. This title is very noble for goalkeepers, so everyone aspires to conquer it. That is also recognition for the efforts and efforts during the competition to affirm one’s position.

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