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What is the golden shoe that always makes every football player yearn to touch it once? This is a noble title to recognize contributions and efforts throughout the entire tournament. Currently, many awards are being given out for positions on the field. Please review the content of TAPWIN‘s article below to learn about the golden shoe of the king sport.

What is the Golden Shoe?

What is the Golden Shoe?

The golden shoe is a phrase that reminds people of the title of the player who scores the most goals. This is an award given to players who have contributed a lot in terms of goals scored in a tournament. Similar to the Golden Glove award, it is for goalkeepers. This award is currently regulated by FIFA and takes place at tournaments in the European region.

Which player has won the Golden Boot the most times?

Which player has won the Golden Boot the most times?

When finding out what the golden shoe is, fans will more or less have questions about related information. The fact that the player is winning the most of these awards is also worth noting. That is:

Lionel Messi – owner of 6 Golden Shoes

Lionel Messi is currently the player who owns 6 European Golden Shoes. This striker showed excellent performance in every tournament he participated in. The awards belonging to M10 are completely justified based on his dedication and performance in the arena.

The years that Messi won the Golden Shoe title are 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Although he is currently 36 years old, the Argentine player still maintains a stable performance.

Some frequently asked questions about the Golden Shoe

Some frequently asked questions about the Golden Shoe

Many fans still wonder about some questions surrounding the keyword “What is the Golden?” Especially about how to calculate points to find the winner of the prize. Besides, in addition to the European Golden, are there any awards for other tournaments from other countries?

What is the scoring process for the Golden Shoe Award?

Many people wonder about how to calculate points to determine the current Golden Award. The organizing committee, specifically FIFA, has strict regulations based on the number of goals that a player will score in a season. That is:

  • All goals scored in the National Championship but do not include the National Cup, League tournament, or other tournaments held in the European region.
  • The 5 major tournaments in the 5 largest tournament systems such as Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga,… will be calculated with a coefficient of 2.
  • Tournaments with smaller sizes receive a coefficient of 1.5.
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The award corresponds to the title of Golden Shoe

The question of what a golden shoe is has just been revealed by us through the content of the above article. Not only that but information about the player holding this noble title has also been shared the most. This is an award that brings great motivation to the boys in shorts. That is recognition for tireless efforts and efforts every time on the field.

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