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What is the Bundesliga? Which country does this tournament belong to and what is its organizational structure? That is something that many people are very interested in when they first learn about football. That will be revealed more specifically by TAPWIN through the shares in the following article.

What is the Bundesliga?

What is the Bundesliga?

Bundesliga is a major football tournament in the top 6 tournaments that receive the greatest attention from fans. This is the national championship of German football. This is also the birthplace and competition place of many of the world’s top soccer stars. The scoring and organization of the Bundesliga is similar to many other tournaments today.

According to research, this tournament was officially born in 1962 and has now had more than 60 years of formation and development. There have been 56 different clubs competing in the Bundesliga since then. Being a top tournament, it always attracts a large number of fans. Every year, from August the tournament officially begins and ends in May of the following year.

Find out information related to the Bundesliga

To know more information about the Bundesliga we need to explore different aspects. In addition to the information we are about to give below, you can register for a bookmaker account for more information.


German football without the appearance of the Bundesliga still lacked professionalism and did not take place regularly. Most tournaments are held separately in different regions and are not unified. Therefore, since around 1950, German players often chose to play in professional tournaments in other countries.

In that context, German football is required to establish a larger and more professional tournament. At the 1962 World Cup, German tanks faced the opportunity to win the championship. However, in the quarterfinals, the team was surpassed by Yugoslavia with a close score of 0 – 1.

Therefore, it is even more motivating for the birth of a more professional club-level tournament in Germany. During the annual meeting under the direction of President Hermann Gösmann, the German Football Association decided to establish the Bundesliga. The tournament was launched on July 28, 1962, and went into effect starting in 1963.

Format and regulations on scoring in the Bundesliga

Format and regulations on scoring in the Bundesliga

Not only learning what the Bundesliga is, but information about the format and scoring method are also of great interest. Currently, there will be 18 teams competing in this tournament in a round-robin format. So after 34 rounds, we can determine the champion based on the score. Specifically, each win corresponds to 3 points, a draw 1 point, and a loss 0 points. In addition, this result is also used to:

  • The 4 teams with the best results will qualify for the group stage of the Champions League.
  • The 2 teams ranked 5th and 6th will participate in the Europa League arena.
  • The two teams that have to be relegated will have the worst results in the rankings.
  • The 16th-ranked team of the tournament must participate in play-off 2 with the 3rd-ranked team of Bundesliga 2 to compete for tickets to Bundesliga 1 next season.
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What is the Bundesliga silver plate?

The silver disc award in the Bundesliga will be given to the teams with the highest achievements in the rankings. That means that the team will win the season and be honored with this award. That is a special thing that the Bundesliga possesses compared to the trophy title like many other tournaments.

This silver plate is called Meisterschale, also known as the Salad plate. According to research, the plate was designed by Professor Elizabeth Tresckow and her students in 1949. Pure silver was used to create the Meisterschale with a weight of 5.5 kg, a diameter of 50cm, and 5 large gems. 11 small stones. There the name of each championship club will be engraved in the circle of the disc.

Statistics of clubs that have achieved the Bundesliga championship title

Statistics of clubs that have achieved the Bundesliga championship title

In addition to knowing what the Bundesliga is with the past 61 seasons, there have been many clubs that have won this noble title. That is:

  • Bayern Munich: is the team with the most championships with 32 championships and a streak of 10 consecutive dominant seasons.
  • Borussia Dortmund: the team with the 2nd highest achievement with 9 times achieving the prestigious silver disc.
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach: is the team with the 3rd best record with 5 times.
  • Werder Bremen: 4 times champion.
  • Hamburger SV, VfB Stuttgart: got 3 silver plates.
  • FC Köln, FC Kaiserslautern: with 2 silver plates.
  • 1860 Munich, Eintracht Braunschweig, VfL Wolfsburg, FC Nürnberg: 1 time.


The question of what Bundesliga is has been revealed through the content of the above article. This is one of the 5 most attractive tournaments on the planet with a large number of fans watching. Currently on the rankings, the teams are still comparing scores with each other very closely. Therefore, it will create an attractive competition at both ends of the rankings.

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