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Currently, the sport of football is increasingly developing and receiving deep attention from the fan community. Most people understand the important role of the referee in a match. However, very few fans know what an assistant referee is. Therefore, in this article, TAPWIN will carefully analyze the role and duties of a What is an assistant referee. Please refer to the article to update the latest information!

What is an assistant referee?

What is an assistant referee?

In the world of soccer, an assistant referee is also known as a linesman. This is the person who is empowered to support and assist the referee in enforcing the regulations in a certain match. At football organization management units, there will be regulations on selecting the number of match officials including 1 main referee, 2 assistant referees, and 1 assistant referee assigned to each sideline.

The assistant referee is assigned basic tasks such as: Checking that the ball has left the playing field (determining which team has the right to kick/throw the ball). Keep track of the time the offside situation occurs. Explain what just happened to the referee, if it is out of their sight.

Above is some basic information to answer questions about what is an assistant referee. Besides, football assistant referees also have many different tasks. Strictly manage the team’s substitutions and control the players well. As an advisor, has the right to replace the umpire if the umpire cannot continue to perform his duties. On the other hand, the decisions of the assistant referee are likely to be ignored by the referee.

What are the duties and powers of an assistant referee?

What are the duties and powers of an assistant referee?

To help those who register an account at the house better understand the reason why a soccer match requires an important assistant. Then we need to learn about their roles, tasks, and powers. These will be interesting things in football.

What are the duties of a soccer assistant referee?

  • In every football match, the line referee puts a lot of effort into controlling the entire development of the match. This is the basis to ensure the fairness of the match, help fans be satisfied, and acknowledge the final result given by the referee. In addition, assistant referees also hold the following main roles:
  • Know and follow the rules of football, help the process of punishing errors, and manage football matches most accurately.
  • Near the touchline, the referee will catch the violating players.
  • Support and present your views to help the referee make reasonable choices.
  • Follow closely and assist the referee during penalty kicks. Control and analyze heat in the free kick area accurately.
  • Make decisions in a corner kick and throw-in situations during the match.
  • Determine whether the ball has rolled over the goal line on the boundary line or not.
  • Observe, note, and monitor player violations during the match. From there, give the main referee accurate information to make the correct decision.
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Discover what the powers of an assistant referee are.

In addition to the roles mentioned above, the line referee also possesses many different powers. The line referee is entitled to hold several powers during the match as follows:

  • Make a record of cases that require penalties, this happens throughout the football match.
  • If a player on the field commits a foul, what are the assistant referee’s powers? It is allowed to suspend or postpone the match.
  • Has the right to force the match to end if one of the factors affecting the match appears. Including enthusiastic fans on the field, erratic weather, when a player is seriously injured,…
  • The line referee also has the right to sanction red cards and yellow cards, and discipline members who do not comply with the rules of soccer on the field.

Some symbols of assistant referees

Some symbols of assistant referees

After learning about what an assistant referee is, let’s take a look at the symbols that an assistant referee can use during a match:

Offside sign

Offside is one of the cases that occurs very often in football matches. This situation can change the situation and the ability to change the score of the two teams. If an offside error occurs, the assistant referee will signal by holding the flag and raising it straight above his head.

Notation using the VAR technique

In some competition cases, VAR technology will be used to review unpredictable situations that take place during the match. The line referee will now raise his hand in the air and approach the electronic screen to request a review of the situation.


Above is our latest analysis of what are the duties and powers of an assistant referee. Hopefully, through this article, you have added and updated a lot of interesting and useful information in the world of football.

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