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In recent years, as technology has developed, the esports industry has developed rapidly, which is why esports betting is a hot genre people seek. Follow Wowjili article to get the correct answer.

Esports: Making Money From Your Passion

Esports: Making Money From Your Passion

Electronic sports (eSports) are video game competitions that are watched by a large number of fans. The ranking of eSports is increasing, according to Newzoo company, the audience in this field will reach 557 million people. PC games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and Dota 2 are the most popular among many titles, with many players playing on mobile devices and consoles. gaming consoles.

In addition to being an exciting and modern form of entertainment, eSports also offers money-making opportunities for fans. There are two main ways to get the most out of eSports: becoming a professional player or placing successful online bets on your favorite teams or players on sites like GGBET. This bookmaker offers the best conditions, many tournaments, and gifts for new customers. This is the first bookmaker in the world to offer eSports betting, which makes GGBET worthy of being one of the best betting platforms on the internet.

How to make money easily with eSports?

How to make money easily with eSports?

Who is a professional eSports player?

A professional eSports player is someone who makes money by participating in video game tournaments. The difference between professional players and regular players is that they participate in official tournaments that are widely broadcast. To become a professional player, you can join a famous eSports organization. Joining these organizations will bring the following benefits:

  • Stable monthly salary
  • Conditions for training at home and competing away from home
  • Support in tournaments away from home
  • Services of coaches, psychologists, and other specialists

Even a professional athlete needs to continuously strive to improve personal skills, improve teamwork, and coordinate with coaches. Before big tournaments, practice time can be up to 60 hours or more per week

Of course, excellent eSports players will receive large salaries and the whole team can receive millions of dollars if they win the tournament. But to achieve such success, you have to put in a lot of effort. However, there is still another way to make money from eSports.

Esports Betting: Make Money Fast and Easy

Esports Betting: Make Money Fast and Easy

Many eSports fans understand that this type of entertainment is a great way to earn extra income, and if not becoming a successful eSports player, online eSports betting is the only option. But before you start betting online, you need to understand the field of eSports, know all the nuances, and be able to weigh and analyze the pros and cons.

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It will also be helpful to listen to advice from well-known experts who regularly publish tutorials for beginners. Mastering the basics of eSports allows players to move on to the second stage, which is choosing a betting platform.

How to make money easily with eSports?

Nowadays, cyberspace is filled with bookmakers, but you should only prioritize trustworthy and reputable platforms like Wowjili. To choose the right bookmaker, you can follow these rules:

  • Read the reviews of players and customers of the portal.
  • Check licenses and security measures.
  • Pay attention to the reputation of the house.
  • Learn about payment methods and withdrawal request processing times.

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to the selection of eSports events the platform offers for betting. The recommended odds or their value can be decisive in choosing a bookmaker, since the higher they are, the more a player wins with a successful bet. Other criteria are secondary and do not significantly affect the possibility of winning, such as ease of use of the website, availability of mobile applications, and other factors.

Most Popular Esports Games To Bet On

Reputable bookmakers like GGBET offer many eSports events to bet on. The following 3 games are especially popular with eSports fans:

Dota 2 – This is a famous video game inherited from the legendary Warcraft 3 game. The object of the game is for two teams of 5 people to try to destroy their opponent’s main house. Tournaments with prize pools of varying values ​​are held every year. This greatly expands the possibilities of prediction and betting.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) – Is a very popular video game with a rich history and millions of fans who love it for its great features, excellent graphics and dynamics. The main mission in the game is for two teams to fight each other to destroy their opponents. This game is an attractive betting option because there are many tournaments held regularly.

StarCraft 2 – The number of fans of this strategy game is growing exponentially every year. This is one of the video games that became the foundation for the creation and development of eSports. Three factions face off in the game: alien insects, humans, and advanced alien races. Players who understand the gameplay and features of the game have a good chance of making money betting on this content.

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